DongGuan Safety Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd., (short for "SFT")

is the pioneer and leader of the third party testing and certification services inChina. It is a comprehensive third party combined for testing, certification, inspection, calibration and technical service and service for the customers all over the world.
SFT ‘s Lab is more than 8000 square meters located in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Development Zone, it has safety testing, chemical and physical testing, optical performance and energy efficiency testing. With its solid strength, SFT become a International authoritative institutions in quality monitoring about footwear, leather and electrical and electronic area.
Safety Testing could complete almost 200,000 testing, servicing for 60,000 customers every year. In industrial goods, consumer products, trade protection and life science, SFT could provide harmful material test, safety test, EMC test, environment, safety inspection, electrical and electronic product reliability and failure analysis, material reliability and failure analysis, metallic materials, non-metallic materials analysis, textiles, footwear, leather, toys, product testing, building materials and light industry products test, vehicle and parts test, food, medicine, cosmetic, feed and food packaging and contact materials testing, inspection and compliance services, audit services, calibration and equipment maintenance, semiconductor testing analysis and related fields, ship hazardous substances management, goods transportable appraisal, certification and training, application software development and a number of comprehensive testing and certification services.
Safety Testing is an approved laboratory by CNAS, CMA and the overseas countries, such as The United States "Energy Star", CPSC,Brazilofficially INMETRO laboratories, UL, FCC, German TUV, AATCC, international authoritative institutions authorized cooperation laboratory. The test reports have international credibility. Safety Testing has the qualifications of the inspection report issued by a third party.
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BIS has extended date for new IS 16046:2015

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COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/752 of 28 April 2017

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ECHA Opens Public Consultation on six SVHC Proposals

ECHA Opens Public Consultation on six SVHC Proposals


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