Canada Publishes Pacifiers Regulations

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Canada Publishes Pacifiers Regulations

On July 13, 2016, the Canadian government published Pacifiers Regulations (SOR/2016-184). Replace Hazardous Products (Pacifiers) Regulations (C.R.C., c. 930). According to the new Pacifiers Regulations, pacifier means a pacifier that has a nipple and includes a similar product that is intended for use in a baby’s mouth.

1Toxic substance

Any pacifier that contains a toxic substance must comply with section 25 of the Toys Regulations in relation to that substance.
2Limit of volatile N-nitrosamines

A pacifier must not contain more than 10 µg/kg total volatile N-nitrosamines, as determined by dichloromethane extraction.

A pacifier must be free from any part that may cause, under reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, injury to the user due to the following hazards:

 obstruction of the pharyngeal orifice;


ingestion or aspiration of the pacifier or any of its parts; and


4Additional requirements

A pacifier must meet the following requirements:

the nipple must be attached to a guard of such dimensions that it cannot pass through the opening in the template illustrated in Schedule 1 when the nipple is centered on the opening and a force of 9.8 N is applied axially to the nipple in such a way as to induce the guard to pull through the opening in the template;

when tested in accordance with Schedule 2,

the nipple must remain attached to the guard, and

any part that separates from the pacifier must not, in a non-compressed state, fit entirely into the small parts cylinder illustrated in Schedule 3;

any loop of cord or other material that is attached to the pacifier must not be more than 356 mm in circumference; and

any ring or handle must be hinged, collapsible or flexible.