EU adopts lower limit values for lead in toys

2017-04-01 12:51:56 Services/Footwear Read

EU adopts lower limit values for lead in toys

On 27 March, the EU’s Council of Ministers adopted the amendments to Annex II of the 2009/48/EC toy safety Directive, which bring into force lower limits for lead in toys.

The new rules will:

  • Tighten the limit for dry, brittle, powder-like pliable toy material, from 13.5mg/kg to 2mg/kg;

  • Lower the limit for liquid or sticky toy material, from 3.4mg/kg to 0.5mg/kg; and

  • Reduce  the value for scraped-off toy material, from 160mg/kg to 23mg/kg.

he Directive will enter into force 20 days after publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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