CA 65 published new case on cadmium of jewelry

2017-04-01 12:52:25 Services/Footwear Read

CA 65 published new case on cadmium of jewelry

On MAR 20, 2017, CA65 Published a new case, the Case No. RG 16-837582. Introduction is as follows:

Necklaces which contain 0.01percent(100 parts per million(“ppm”))Cadmium sold individually or as part of a set with a dress or other piece of clothing. Within five (5) days of entry of this consent judgment, defendant shall pay the total sum of $39,000, and withdrawal the covered products from the market.

Cadmium is a naturally occurring and abundant bluish-white bivalent metal that does not easily corrode (rust). Cadmium is listed in CA 65 as a carcinogen in 1987, and is listed as a reproductive toxicity in 1997, It can lead to pulmonary and renal function problems. In textiles, apparel and footwear industrial,cadmium may be associated with plastics (as a heat stabilizer), pigments (particularly red, orange, yellow and green), as a surface coating layer for metals photographic films and battery. 


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