The feed testing services

The feed testing services

Feed is the substances that can provide nutrients for livestock, poultry, aquatic animal, regulate physiological mechanisms, improve the quality of animal products under the reasonable conditions, and it does not produce toxic and harmful substances. Feed safety is the basis of the safety of the food chain, which directly related to food safety. If feed raw materials or additives have problem of safety and health, then it will cause serious consequences when the chain of “ additive –premix - feeds - breeding enterprise"  exaggerated gradually.  In recent years, the issues of safety feed have caused a series of food safety incidents, such as “BSE(bovine spongiform encephalopathy)", "dioxin pollution" and "the French sewage feed event", etc. The problem of safety feed has become a hot topic of the masses; it has a great significance to keep healthy development of feed industry, and ensure the quality and safety of feed products.



Test projects

The physical and chemical project

 proteinmoistureash contentcoarse fibrestarch contentcyanidevolatile basic nitrogen

 Free gossypolgrain lengthpercentage of powered pelletsammonium saltcalcium iodatemanganese sulfatezinc sulfate

betainesodium saccharinabsorption of ammonia ,etc

Heavy metals and trace elements,

fluorinecalciumcadmium chromiummercurypotassiumphosphorusmagnesiummanganesesodiumleadcopper ferrumselenium, etc.



niacinnicotinamidefolic acidpantothenic acidbiotincholine chloridethe content of riboflavin,etc

Pesticide residues

hexachloro-cyclohexane dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethaneorganic chlorineorganophosphorus and others

Veterinary drug residue







 aerobic bacterial count, coliform bacteria,salmonellashigellamold,etc

Amino acid

 serineL-aspartic acid glutamic acidphenylalanine,etc,and eighteen amino acid


 dioxinthe content of cobalt chloridethe content of potassium iodide, etc