The residue of veterinary drug testing services

The residue of veterinary drug testing services

The residue of veterinary drug is amounts of veterinary drug that enter the food chain along with the animals, and the left in the body of animals, including any other degradation products that degraded by medicines.

 In the situation of integration of international trade, the food market will pay more attention to the safety and quality of food. In recent years, the countries around the world supervise the safety of meat products through the establishment of standard about residue of veterinary drug. Our country is a big country in the producer and exporter of aquatic products and poultry products. In order to make the quality of products conform the requirements of the trade of all countries, it is imminent to enhance the command in the quality of aquatic products and poultry products.





β- agonist

· clenbuterol hydrochloride,ractopamine,salbutamol


·         sulfadiazine、sulfamethoxazole、sulfadimethoxine、sulfaquinoxaline、sulfamethazine、sulfamonomethoxine

、sulfathiazole、sulfapyridine、sulfamethoxazole、sulfamethoxazole tablets、sulfadimethoxine、sulfachloropyridazine、N-sulfanilylacetamide、sulfamethizole、sulfamethoxpyridazine


Difloxacin HCL、Enrofloxacin、Ciprofloxacin、Norfloxacin、floxacin for injection、Danofloxain、sarafloxacin、pefloxacin


Furaltadone Metabolite、Furaltadone、Semicarbazide、AMOZ、Furaltadone、Nitrofurazone、Furazolidone、furadantin


Chloramphenicol、MalachiteGreen oxalate、Leucomalachite Green、Crystal violet、Recessive crystal violet、Streptomycin、Dihydrostreptomycin、Florfenicol、Oxolinic acid、Moxidectin、thiamphenicol、Monensin、Salinomycin、Diethylstilbestrol