Safety issue of food packaging containers

Safety issue of food packaging containers

Food packaging containers involved variety of material. Common materials include: paper and other plant fiber, metal, porcelain enamel, ceramics, plastics, rubber, natural fiber, chemical fiber, glass and coatings contacting with food. The food packing containers include multifarious substance which is harmful to human; because the food contacting the type of product and materials are more extensive, And different materials have different risks. So according to the specific circumstances, we need to make the strategy to control the quality of products.

Product material

May contain harmful substances

The type of common product


 1、surface coating or glaze,coating

 2、Pigments may contain metal salts, mainly lead and cadmium

Ceramic cup/plate/bowl


 1、Have certain toxicity, such as polyacrylonitrile resin itself

 2、Resin left the residues of toxic monomer, cracking and aging of toxic substances

 3、Plastic products various additive of toxic added in the manufacturing process

 Imitation porcelain tablewareNylon single spoon ,Microwave of  food container


 1、There may be contain phenol, formaldehyde and other harmful substances on the surface of the metal cans coating

 2、Metal surface is corroded easily by acid ,and is migrated from heavy metals

 Canned food,blender,

 ovenware,Insulation Cup


 1、Various additives, fillers, bleaches, colorants used in the papermaking process etc. may be left to dissolve into food

 The packing tape,Packaging carton

 List of food container regulations in various countries / regions

As the food packaging containers and food safety are closely related, countries around the world have developed appropriate control laws and regulations to ensure its quality and safety. SFT testing according to national regulatory requirements to provide the testing standards and related laws and regulations advisory services for customs


The framework and regulations

Detailed regulations

The European Union

〔EC〕No 1935/2004

〔EU〕No 10/2011



The United States

The act about food, drug, and cosmetic

 Federal Regulations Code of United States  21 Code of Federal Regulation

 170-189 Compliance Policy Guidelines


 The law of food, commodity and feed

 Commodity Decree

BfR recommendations


 Décret Numéro 2007-766

 DGCCRF 2004-64

 Arrêté du 2 janvier 2003

 Arrêté ministériel du 07/11/1985

 Arrêté du 13/01/1976


 Food Safety Law of the People 's Republic of China

China's Ministry of Health approved the promulgation health standards of the food contact materials.


The Food Sanitation Law of Japan

The specification of the standard about food and food additives.


 Food Sanitation Law Korea

South Korea Codex Alimentarius


 The Ministral Decree of


 D.M.21/03/1973and its amendment