The failure analysis

Background information
    Mechanical products in using process often have the failure phonomenon of fracture, deformation, wear                     and corrosion .In order to prevent or postpone the failure phenomenon,find  the failure reason , put forward improvement measures, we must carry out failure analysis.At present, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the failure analysis has become a comprehensive discipline.It not only associated with natural science such as physics and materials science, fracture mechanics and fracture ,  but also  refer to the quality of the products comprehensive management and the other realm of  social science.

Service process
Most of the mechanical components are failed in the process of fracture , when a  part is damaged and fracture, it  have very close connection with  other parts ,the environment and other operations .after the Metal laboratory  received the failure parts,we will find out the main reason of damage from the design level, material quality, processing status, maintenance, assembly precision, work environment,  service condition , operation method and  other factors. And  we will have a analysis judgment and make improved measures  according to the cause of the damage,, mechanism, types and phases.


Fracture process is a dynamic process, the cleft is the static reflection of fracture,we can find out the cause and mechanism of fracture by observing and analyzing the cleft .The cleft  truthfully reflects the whole process of fracture of mechanical components, namely the process of crack initiation and the process of expanding  in mechanical components, thus cleft  analysis is an important means of failure analysis. in order to achieve better analytical effect, we must supplement with nondestructive testing, mechanical properties test, metallographic examination, chemical analysis, X-ray analysis, fracture toughness testing , simulation testing and other testing method, Finally combining the analysis with the testing result , we will have a comprehensive analysis.and the improved measures will be proposed.and then we will write the report of  failure analysis.


The main Analysis  project
Chemical inspection
Coating pollution
Corrosion analysis
Fracture analysis
Macro analysis
Microscopic evaluation
Image document
Physical test
Surface contamination
Evaluation of welding