Green food testing services

Green food testing services

Green food is a kind of product which cultivate in the pollution-free ecological environment and it is produced or processed in the whole process of standardization. The content of poisonous and harmful substance is strictly controlled. In order to make it accord with the safety standards about the food of national health, and approved by the specialized agencies that this is a safety and high-quality food   which it can use the logo of  green food trademark .


  Safe food is divided into pollution-free food, green food, organic food, also is the basic types about quality and safety certification of China's agricultural products, that is organized by ministry of agriculture .  All of which belong to the scope of safe agricultural products.  Pollution-free food is the threshold for market access, that the health indicators about pesticide residues, heavy metals and harmful microorganisms and other to achieve pollution-free food standards. Green food is the limited use of synthetic material such as pesticides, fertilizers and hormones. Organic food is not with the use of synthetic materials such as pesticides, fertilizers and hormones. It is the same as green food are the behavior of market-oriented enterprise.

Product testing projects


Test projects


 Nourishing smell、Co lour、Visible to the naked eye、granularity、Irregularity、under grain、impurities

 (rice bran power、minerals、with shell particles. etc)、bending fracture rate、cooking loss ,cooking ,etc.

The routine analysis of physics and chemistry  

 protein、Amino acid nitrogen、Volatile base nitrogen、total acid、all kinds of acidity、acid value、

 peroxide value、iodine value、specification value、carbohydrate、total hardness、Oxygen consumption、carbohydrate、drying - weightlessness、all kinds of gray powder proportion、density、lipid、PH, etc


 vitamin B1、vitamin B2、vitamin C、vitamin A、vitamin D、vitamin E ,etc

Pesticide residues

 organ phosphorus、BHC、DDT other pesticides ,etc

Veterinary drug residue

 sulfonamides、furazolidone、clopidol、diethylstilbestrol、quinolones, etc

poisonous and harmful material

 aflatoxin B1、M1、 heavy metal , etc


 aerobic bacterial count, coliform bacteria, Diarrheogenic Escherichia coli、four items of pathogenic bacteria、mold,saccharomycetes,etc