Nutrition labeling testing services

Nutrition labeling testing services

Food nutrition labels is provide a description of the food nutrition characteristics to consumers, it includes content claims, comparative claims and function claims . the nutrition label can provide the scientific basis of nutrition to customers and can correctly guide the consumption.The United States, Canada, European Union , China , Hong Kong and other countries , regions have established the corresponding laws and regulations and have put forward the clear requirements on nutrition labels.


 Country /  region 



 Energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium

North      America

 Energy, the energy  percentage provided by the fat, protein, fat, saturated fat, trans fat,Cholesterol, total carbohydrate, sugar, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, sodium, calcium, iron

The EU

 Energy, protein, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, total carbohydrate and total sugar, dietary fiber,Sodium, calcium,


 Energy, protein, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrate, total sugar, sodium


 CAC/GL.2-1985, ( REV.1-1993 )《The nutrition label guide》

 CAC/GL.23-1997, ( REV.2-2004 )《Nutrition and health claims using guide》


 1990’s  NLEA《Nutrition labeling and education act》

 2006 ’s《Federal code modification》

 2008 ‘s 《Food labelling guide》

The EU

 90/496/EEC《Food nutrition label instructions》

 2003/120/EC《Food nutrition labels amendment》

 2006/1924/EC《 Food nutrition and health claims》


 GB 13432-2004《 The general principles of the prepackaged special dietary edible food labels》

 2008 ‘s 《 Food nutrition labeling management specification》

 GB 28050-2011《The general principles of the prepackaged food nutrition labels》


 1995 ‘s 《 Nutrition improvement method》