The fracture analysis

The fracture analysis

Background information

The fracture analysis include macroscopic analysis and microscopic analysis。macroscopic analysis only need to use magnifying lens and low-magnification microscope,under the low multiples ,the fracture can be  observed and analysed, then we can get the overview of the overall characteristics of the fracture surface, at last, we can understand the cause of the damage in a certain extent;Microscopic analysis is on the basis of macroscopic analysis to further find out the impact on fracture that caused by the way to break ,nature, environmental medium and temperature  through an electron microscope and other instruments, and further to determine the cause and mechanism of fracture and other details.

Macroscopic fracture analysis
Through macroscopic fracture analysis, we can judge the character of fracture and the whole process of fracture accident, and put forward the goal and task for further develop microscopic fracture analysis.Macroscopic fracture analysis is the premise and basis of microscopic fracture analysis.

Testing equipment: reading microscope, Asana microscope

Microscopic fracture analysis
Microscopic analysis of the fracture is implemented by optical microscope and scanning electron microscopy (sem).As a result of the limitation of the depth of field, the optical microscope only can roughly proceed to the observation and cleavage fracture , fatigue fracture and other smooth fracture , but it can't observe the transgranular fracture and intergranular fracture with obvious plastic deformation , even it is difficult to have a large areas of continuous observation on flat fracture and it has low resolution.But optical microscope can have a fracture analysis of polarized light on some organizational structure of fracture.  you can also observe the color changes in different areas of the fracture, the  diagnosis of fracture properties plays an important role. the depth of field in Scanning electron microscopy is very big, it can study the rough surface of fracture ,  can get a clear image.Magnification can change in a row between 10 times and 100000 times , it is easy to observe the details of fracture.
Testing equipment: metallographic microscope, scanning electron microscopy (sem)