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Private enterprise's talent strategy

Market competition in the final analysis is the competition of talent, to ensure that the supply of talent to meet the needs of enterprise development is the HR must solve the problem. In the domestic private enterprise, in order to cultivate the internal and external recruitment of talent supply strategy has been controversial, two kinds of talent supply strategies have successful practice. Internal training strategy.

Talent strategy of private enterprise

In total 2200 enterprises (full Chinese), the number of enterprises from the perspective of private enterprises in the next few years and foreign enterprises two points in the world. Talents are the key factors restricting the development of enterprises, private enterprises how to solve the problem of talent? How should design talent strategy?

"All": a new strategy of Enterprise Talents

In the 24 hours before leaving the employer, chief executive officer Mark Optimus Solutions Norcross, Georgia, United States? Merz hired 7 former colleagues to help he founded this company.